Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • RT @Katrinskaya: .@afromusing featuring Voice of Kibera in her talk on tech in transparency and accountability #activate2010 .. #
  • RT @EthanZ @afromusing: Voice of Kibera and OSM of an unmapped area – shows water services, church, schools. Map as picture of life. #
  • Where is the commons for video? We need a way to share footage like on Flickr, meaningfully. Does it exist? #
  • It's really about democracy anyway, isn't it? #apps4africa #
  • sweet. RT @mapkibera: Ambassador Rannenberger is pumped about Map Kibera #
  • We want an Ushahidi Java mobile app for Voice of Kibera and all! Progress update? #apps4africa @iHubNairobi @mapkibera #
  • RT @VOA_Crystal: RT @african_minute: Great pic of the US State dept guests! #apps4africa #
  • Brainstorming some needs for #apps4Africa #
  • US dept. of State now on the screen here at iHub. #apps4africa #
  • New video by Kibera News Network: Kenyan power company recently disconnected electricity in a Kibera market: #

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